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Server Updates
Server Update

Newcomers EXP has been increased (Up to reborn 8)
Weapon Upgrade Shards required to craft G140->G145 upgrade scroll reduced to 300
Amount of Baby Ghosts have been increased in Dungeon of Fortune
All alliances have been disbanded (Please make new alliances as you wish)
Infinity Dungeon F4 safezones have been reworked
Infinity Dungeon F4 spawns have been reworked (6 rooms)
High Level Security Guard of the Priest HP has been increased
Third officer T1-9 tag color has been changed

Coming up:
Christmas event
G150 Armor set
Solo endless dungeon
New Guild Raid stages

Server Update

Guild Raids System has been added
3 Stages of Guild Raids have been added
Only Guild Leaders / Sub Leaders can start the Guild raid
All of the registered guild members will be teleported to raid on Start
Guild Raid Stage 2/3 Tickets were added to Guild Raid Stage 1/2 Rewards
Removed party mob spawns on Bronze Giant location
The Giant Atziri Summon Parts exchange system has been added
Boss Parts Exchange System has been updated (Hellhound/Hermit/Queen)
3 of the same boss parts can be exchanged to x2 random different parts
2 of the same boss parts can be exhcnaged to x1 specific different part
Monster Summon Scrolls were disabled in Abomination Dungeons F1-F3
Poison Ring Fuse has been fixed (Cruel Ring Fusion System)
Critical Medicines Merging System has been updated
Doomspire Abomination anti-ks protection has been enabled

Server Update

G150 Abomination Weapons Set has been added
Abomination Dungeon F1-F3 (Very Hard) added for Warrant Officer+ ranks
The Doomspire Abomination Boss has been added
Killing Infernal Hellhound has 30% chance to spawn Doomspire Abomination Boss
Different effects/models for all fuses added to G150 weapons
G140->G145 Weapon Upgrade shards were added to Infernal Hellhound Boss
G140->G145 Armor Upgrade shards were added to Immortal Hermit Boss
Infernal Hellhound G145 Weapons droprate increased (15%->20%)
Immortal Hermit G145 Armor droprate increased (20%->25%)
Random talismans obtained from fishing rewards updated
Hammers of Destruction have been removed
G150 Weapon Drops were added to Doomspire Abomination Boss (20%)
G145->G150 Weapon Upgrade shard drops were added to Abomination Dungeon F1-F3
G145->G150 Weapon Upgrade shard drops were added to Doomspire Abomination Boss
Endless Dungeon #2 wave rewards were fixed
Party EXP Raid 2 registration fixed (M1+ reborn required for all party members)
Effects/animations performance when minimizing/maximizing window improved
Freezes while having 5+ party members have been fixed
Assassin List (board in fort) has been fixed
Halloween event has ended

Guild Raids coming up this week!
Server Guide of all systems and items is being prepared

Server Update

G145 Ring Fuse Shards have been added
G145 Ring Fire/Ice/Poison Halo Fuse has been added
Ring Fuse Shards were added to Element Queen Boss drops
Ring Fuse Shards were added to Endless Dungeon wave rewards
Tinket Fuse Shard drops were removed form Infernal Hellhound
Amulet/Trinket G5 Fuse has been added
G5 Accessory Fuses now grant EXP Bonus
EXP Penalty reduced for lower reborns
Blessing of Son of the Sky buff upgrades on reborn
Increased Power (Blessing) Bonus added to reborn table
Division Officer Rank has been added
Half Swing has been recoded
Half Swing range has been increased
Half Swing damage scales with Strength stat
Lottery Registration time has been extended
Temptation Tower monsters die/despawn animation fixed
Cruel Fusion NPC animations were updated to match fuses

Server Update

World Boss Raid [12:00] notifications were enabled
Monsters Sight increased in all Elite/Superior time-limit zones
Monsters damage increased in all Elite/Superior time-limit zones
Evergreen Shadow Troop Head drops have been added
Misty Gigantic Ignoramus Head drops have been added
Ivory Demon Defender Head drops have been added
3 New Heads Collection Mission Scrolls were added
3 New Summoning Scrolls were added (Heads Collection rewards)
Mission Scrolls (Rare/Elite/Superior zones) EXP Rewards increased
Disappearing Bead of Fire Stats bug has been fixed
G120-G135 Gear crafting price (geon) reduced
G120-G135 Upgrade Scrolls crafting price (geon) reduced
Halloween Baby Ghosts were changed to Halloween Skeletons
Halloween Skeletons spawn faster in rarer time-limit zones
Halloween Ghost Boss Temp-Fort East Gate spawn coordinates fixed

Server Update

Halloween Event has been added
3 Halloween Event quests were added
Halloween Ghost Boss has been added (Spawns outside temp-fort every 3 hours)
Halloween Treasure Chests were added (spawns everywhere)
Halloween Baby Ghost spawns were added to all Time-Limit zones
2 New Night Raids were added (World Boss / Geon Raid)
Night Geon Boss Raid [02:00 /servertime] has been added
Night World Boss Raid [04:00 /servertime] has been added
Morning World Boss raid time has been changed (12:00 /servertime)
World Boss Raid EXP Reward has been slightly increased
New Costumes were disabled in CW zone
Infinity Dungeon spawns were fixed
G2 Eternal Buff animation effects were fixed
Hanfu Thief Costume model has been fixed
Qipao Costume texture has been updated
All Costumes were unbound
Various Skills damage were adjusted in PVP

Next update coming up in a couple of days including Ring Fuses and updated gear crafting prices

Server Update [Part 2]

Eternity Talismans [G2] have been added to Crafting NPC
Full Set Bonuses were added for G2 Eternity Talismans
x5 Random Eternity Talisman [G1-G2] drops added to Sunday Madness Raid
4 New +15 Costumes were added (Shuang/Qipao/Tang/Hanfu)
2 New Helloween Costumes added (Coming up in Helloween quest reward)
G135 Parts were added to World Boss Destiny Shadow drops
G130 Parts were added to F10 System drops
Infernal Hellhound Daily Boss quest added
Element Queen Daily Boss quest added
Immortal Hermit Daily Boss quest added
Party EXP Raid Experience overflow bug has been fixed
Tang Costume has been added to Daily Quest Reward Box
Hanfu Costumes have been added to Shop Rewards NPC
Random [Superior] Certificate added to Vote Rewards NPC

Server Update [Part 1]

Daily Quest Rewards Box Boss Summon Sets percentage fixed
Infernal Hellhound Summon Parts exchange added (Summoner npc)
Immortal Hermit Summon Parts exchange added (Summoner npc)
Element Queen Summon Parts exchange added (Summoner npc)
You can now exchange x2 of the same Summon parts for a random different part
G145 Shield Stats have been fixed
G140 to G145 Shield upgrade has been fixed
The Boom of Earth cooldown protection fixed
Vice Admiral Reborn rank has been added
Instance 8 Cooldown has been fixed (4 hours)
Infinity Dungeon F4 Monster level reduced (lvl 115)
Temptation Tower F6 Monster level reduced (lvl 115)

Update Part 2 coming up on Monday (October 9)

Server Update

G145 Shield has been added to Infernal Hellhound drops
EXP has been increased in all (Colonel+) party zones
3 New 1 by 1 zones have been added
Island of Falcon (1 by 1 zone) has been added (Major+)
Island of Enviction (1 by 1 zone) has been added (Major+)
Island of Fearless (1 by 1 zone) has been added (Major+)
Endless Dungeon Wave 30+ rewards were increased
Trinket shards have been added to Immortal Hermit drops
Trinket shards have been added to Infernal Hellhound drops
G140 Accessory Enchant scroll (50%) added to Endless Dungeon wave rewards
G140 Accessory Enchant scroll (100%) added to Death Scythe drops
High Admiral Reborn tag color has been changed
Amount of Monsters increased in larger certificate zones
Sight of monsters has been increased in larger certificate zones

Coming up:
New regular leveling zones
Secret Treasure hunt (hide and seek principle)
New lasting weapon enchant effects
New Enhanced Eternal Talismans
New Cruel Exclusive costumes

Server Update

G140 Gear Texture has been changed
G145 Upgrade NPC has been added (Upgrade scrolls)
G140 to G145 Upgrade scrolls were added
Hammer of Destruction added to G145 Upgrade NPC
Immortal Hermit ks protection has been enabled
Party EXP Raid #2 has been added (Major+ reborns)
EXP Bonus for Party EXP Raids have been increased
Furious Fiend spawn chances during Party EXP Raid increased
Cruel Raid Instance tokens droprate increased
ASC PVP Damage has been rebalanced
Boss Spawns in CW Boss Zone have been fixed
Expired Pets have been removed

Coming up:
New leveling zones, including new quests
3 new 1 by 1 zones for Major+ Reborned players
Secret Treasure hunt (hide and seek principle)
New lasting weapon enchant effects

Server Update

G145 Destiny Armor set has been added
Immortal Hermit Boss has been added
Immortal Hermit Summon parts added to Giant Atziri drops
New Lottery rewards were added (Boss sets)
Monday Lottery - [Infernal Hellhound] Boss Summon Set
Wednesday Lottery - [Immortal Hermit] Boss Summon Set
Friday Lottery - [Elemental Queen] Boss Summon Set
Endless Dungeon Waves 70+ were reworked
G135 Selling price has been added (while selling gear to npc)
Cruel Lord mirror dropchance has been increased to 100%
PVP Absorption bonuses were recalculated for lower reborns
High Admiral H1-H9 reborns have been added
Q10-F1 reborns bug has been fixed
Berserk cooldown has been reduced to 1 min 30 seconds
Lottery Notices were added (1-3h remaining reminders)
Element Masters Health Points were reduced
Trinket Fuse Shards name/description fixed

Coming Up
G140 to G145 Upgrade Scrolls (requires clean G145 gear to craft - exchange)
New party EXP raid zone (Higher reborned players only)
3 New 1 by 1 leveling zones
3 New Quests for the zones
New reworked G140 armor/weapon textures

Server Update

Buffs and Potions Package has been added to KC merchant
Regular scrolls and Potions were removed
Anti-ks has been disabled for Element Masters Raid Bosses
Cruel Trinket fusion system NPC has been added to Fort
3 New Trinket Fuses were added (Fire/Ice/Poison)
Element Queen area has been added
Element Queen Summoner NPC added
Trinket Fuse Shards were added to Element Queen drops
Trinket Fuse Shards were added to Endless Dungeon (wave 50+) rewards

Server Update

Prophet NPC has been updated
Stat Points can now be reset after any reborn
Stone of Birth can be purchased at Prophet
Stat points cap has been extended
Event Area teleportation has been limited to Private (3) reborn (newcomers only)
Safezones in Battlefield area have been fixed
Battlefield team entance gates were updated
F3+ Reborned players EXP has been fixed
5 New High Class Element Master Bosses were added
High Class Element Masters Raid has been added (daily 17:00)
5 Master Essences were added (Element Queen Boss summon)
Trinket Fuse Shards were added (Element Queen Boss drops)
Cruel Raid Instance Tokens droprate has been increased
Fuse Shards droprate in Superior certificate zones increased
General skills hostility bonus has been increased

*Update part 2 coming up on Tuesday [08-15]



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