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Server Information
Mid-Highrate Server
4 Classes
Daily Boss Raids
Endless Dungeon System
Self-Coded Anti-hack protection system
Self-Coded Cooldown protection system
Self-Coded Client antihack protection
Exclusive Treasure Hunt zone
Scheduled Events with the custom timers on website
4 Types of wings and hologram decorations
Weapon Fusion System (with various animation effects)

Armor Fusion System (with various animation effects)

Wings Aura Fusion System (with various animation effects)
Custom server commands: /ignore, /geonoff, /absorboff
Recoded skills formulas
Recoded CA skill (1 time AOE at the skill use)
Recoded Spin Slash (4 ticks each hit)
Recoded Rupture Skill (AOE, additional damage scaling with Strength)
POV/POJ/POS Armor/Weapon enchant system
AOE Soul Destruction at level 70 (Wis 75% / Int 25%)
Balanced PVE/PVP
Reborns available at level 110
Starting level 25
Daily Vote rewards
Multiple daily events
Custom Raid System (10 instances)
Custom regular quests for levels 1-110
Multiple New leveling areas
Party zones
Crafting materials
Multiple Time-limit (certificate) zones with the EXP boost

Reborn Ranks

Reborn 1 (Experience penalty 10%)
<R> Recruit
Reborn 2 (Experience penalty 20%)
<E> Ensign
Reborn 3 (Experience penalty 30%)
<P> Private
Reborn 4 (Experience penalty 40%)
<C> Colonel
Reborn 5 (Experience penalty 50%)
<B> Brigadier
Reborn 6 (Experience penalty 60%)
<L> Lieutenant
Reborn 7 (Experience penalty 70%)
<G> General
Reborn 8 (Experience penalty 80%)
<O> Officer
Reborn 9 (Experience penalty 90%)
<S1> Sergeant 1
Reborn 10 (Experience penalty 92%)
<S2> Sergeant 2
Reborn 11 (Experience penalty 95%)
<S3> Sergeant 3
Reborn 12 (Experience penalty 99%)
<M1> Major



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